Ex-Rams’, Patriots’ wideout J.J. Worton suspended six games

If you’ve never heard of wideout J.J. Worton, you’re not alone. He’s a free agent who has been on the practice squad for the Patriots and the Rams. The Rams cut him in the middle of the summer and no one has signed him since.

Despite that, the NFL just suspended him for six games. That starts on Oct. 10, so the soonest he can come back is Nov. 22. Of course, since he’s suspended, he may not even really “come back” at all at that point. But he would at least have the option to sign with a team and play if they wanted him.

He’s being suspended for violating the player conduct policy. He was convicted on assault charges. According to NBC’s Darin Gantt:

“Worton received probation after being convicted of three assault and battery charges. He was accused of touching two women indecently at a bar and then punching a man who confronted him about it. The Patriots cut him shortly after the arrest, though the Rams brought him back to camp this offseason.”

NFL teams have shown that they will give guys with a lot of talent second chances, but the same doesn’t go for practice squad wideouts who would have been lucky to make a roster in the first place. Though he can return to the NFL, he may find it very hard to land with a team after this conviction, as they’ll be concerned about taking that type of PR hit for a guy without a lot to offer on Sundays.

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