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Dreger: I wouldn’t take Julien hot seat speculation very seriously

Chris Nichols



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Claude Julien had his Boston Bruins in third place in the Atlantic Division entering Wednesday night’s action, although the team is 3-5-3 in its last 11 contests.

During an NBCSN pre-game broadcast, it was noted that there has been “some speculation, some whispers, that perhaps Claude Julien is on the hot seat.”

The question Bruins fans would want to know then is just how serious that speculation should be taken.

“I wouldn’t take it very serious in the moment,” said TSN NHL Insider Darren Dreger. “This is social media, and when you’re in a slow time coming out of a roster freeze, this is the type of stuff that is almost like sport when you look at certain organizations. And we know historically the volatility of the Boston Bruins, from ownership down, how hands-on they can be with Cam Neely hovering about.

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“And you’re right. We have speculated, I would say on an annual basis – multiple times in fact over the course of the years in-season – that Claude Julien could be on the hot seat. But sources in Boston tell me that’s not the case unless something changes from above. That’s possible, but that’s unlikely.

“This is a team that’s in transition. They’re trying to change and adapt on the fly and get younger on the fly, and that’s not easy to do. What we do know is if Claude Julien is fired in-season, somebody is going to make the move and hire that guy based on his history.”

The Bruins signed Claude Julien to a multi-year extension in November of 2014, which Elliotte Friedman reported at the time was a three-year pact.

Source: NBCSN

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