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Dreger: ‘At least three teams’ interested in acquiring Hurricanes’ Murphy

Chris Nichols



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23-year-old defenseman Ryan Murphy has found his name in the NHL trade rumor mill lately, and Insider Darren Dreger was able to shed a little bit more light into the situation Tuesday afternoon while on Vancouver’s TSN 1040.

Just how serious are the Carolina Hurricanes about moving the blueliner?

“They’re very serious. He’s in play. He’s on the block, there’s no question,” said Dreger. “I was told earlier today there are at least three teams interested in Ryan Murphy.

“As I said, he’s in the American Hockey League, which is a good thing. That could be Ron Francis of the Carolina Hurricanes getting him playing and getting him out there so that other general managers can have a look at him. He does have a bit of a rap of being dinged up and he does have a history of injury and such.

“But because of his age and a right-shot D, there’s tremendous upside – I feel – in Ryan Murphy. I’m surprised nobody has jumped at him at this point. His name has been lingering out there for several months, in fact, but more of late he’s become legitimate trade bait.

“So I don’t see anything imminent, but as I said – I checked in this morning and I know there are at least three teams that are interested in the moment.”

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Being on Vancouver radio, naturally, Dreger was asked if the Canucks were in the mix on Murphy.

“Don’t know that the Canucks are, but I believe there is another Western Conference team in there,” revealed Dreger. “Again, it’s kind of a moving situation so I’m hesitant to throw one team’s name out there. I do know that there is one Western Conference team that is definitely in the mix, but I can’t nail down the other two. That’s why I’m being a little bit cloak and dagger.”

As Dreger alluded, the Hurricanes sent Murphy – a fairly regular healthy scratch of late – down to the AHL Monday.

“You have to play,” Bill Peters, via The News & Observer, said Monday. “He’s a young guy and when you’re not playing it’s a tricky situation. So you’ve got to go down, you’ve got to play and you’ve got to get in game shape and you’ve got to play well.

“That’s a league that he should go in and have a big impact. With the Checkers, he should go in and have a real positive impact, help them out, get his game in order and go from there.”

Murphy signed a two-year, $1.575 million contract in July.

Source: TSN 1040, The News & Observer

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