Dolphins’ RB Jay Ajayi headlines players of the week

The Player of the Week awards are out, and there’s a familiar name at the top of the list: Dolphins’ RB Jay Ajayi. He won the AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors last week when he put up 204 yards against the Steelers, and he wins it again this week for putting 214 yards on the Bills. He’s only the fourth player to run for 200 or more yards in consecutive weeks in NFL history.

The other award winners are as follows:

AFC Defensive Player of the Week: Chargers’ LB Denzel Perryman

Perryman was injured, battled through the pain, and played incredibly well. He got an interception at the end of the game that put the Chargers in position to score against the Falcons, tying things up. He made a tackle on fourth and short to force another turnover in OT, and the Chargers kicked another field goal to win.

AFC Special Teams POTW: Raiders’ Punter Marquette King

King’s punting was very good. He averaged over 50 yards per punt. But he won this award because there was a botched snap on fourth and 24, meaning he was roughly 40 yards from the first down line when he got the ball. A punt would have been blocked easily, so he just took off running – and outran everyone, picking up the first.

NFC Offensive POTW: Packers’ WR Davante Adams

The Packers needed some sort of spark on offense, and they got it from Adams. He put up 132 yards and two touchdowns against the Bears. He also caught 13 passes, which is well over his average. The Packers got a much-needed win.

NFC Defensive POTW: Giants’ safety Landon Collins

The Giants got four picks against the Rams in London, and Collins had two of them. He also ran one back for the opening score. Since this was a close game, despite the turnovers, his work was a huge reason why the Giants picked up the victory.

NFC Special Teams POTW: Eagles’ wide receiver Josh Huff

The Eagles gave the Minnesota Vikings their first loss of the year. It’s hard to score on the Vikings’ top-ranked defense, but Huff took a kick two yards in front of the goal line and ran it back 98 yards to score.

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