Dana White: Relationship with GSP ‘has never been better’

One would assume there is tension, to say the least, between the UFC and Georges St-Pierre in the wake of his contract disputes and now-halted return to the Octagon, but it appears that assumption would be wrong.

GSP met personally with UFC brass last week following the announcement by GSP’s side that he was no longer under UFC contract and now a free agent, which was soon followed by a contradicting announcement by UFC that GSP was not actually a free agent and was still in fact under his UFC contract.

Apparently the meeting went well though.

“My relationship has never been better with GSP. I’m glad we got together,” White wrote in a message to Postmedia News.

White has been doubtful of GSP’s intentions to return even before GSP made the public announcement that he was ready to resume his career. White maintains that skepticism, but insists if he does fight again, it will definitely be under the UFC banner.

“He’s under contract with the UFC so yes if he returns to fighting it would be with us,” White wrote.

GSP’s plan was to make his return at UFC 206 which takes place in Toronto, Canada. The former dominant welterweight champion had middleweight gold in his sights, but clarified that the possibility of that fight happening on that date is no longer in the cards.

“Nothing would make me more happy in the world to fight (middleweight champion Michael Bisping) in Toronto. Last week I met with Ari Emmanuel and I made peace with Dana. I tried to resolve things but unfortunately right now it’s not happening,” St-Pierre said. “Hopefully things will change soon.”

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