Cowboys’ DE DeMarcus Lawrence impressed by Tony Romo’s house

Perhaps in an effort to stay connected to the team, Cowboys’ QB Tony Romo invited DE DeMarcus Lawrence and the rest of the team over to his house. The Cowboys were on the bye, after all, so it was a good time for such a get-together.

The team left feeling very impressed. Romo has an indoor basketball court, an indoor golf simulator, and even a slide that runs from the second floor of his home down to the first. It’s clear that he’s a top-paid QB in the NFL, with the type of amenities he’s decided to buy.

After the visit, Lawrence said:

“It was a great experience to see all the cool things he has in there. Beautiful pool, beautiful house. It was great. It just makes me embrace this situation that I’m in. It makes me want to work harder so I can get a slide in my house one day.”

Lawrence, who is 24, is still on his rookie deal. He makes $1,285,201 this season. Romo, 36, has 14 years of experience and is making $8,500,000 in base salary, $5,000,000 from a signing bonus, and $1,635,000 from an option bonus. His option bonus alone is more than Lawrence’s entire payout.

Romo has just returned to practice this week as he works to get through his back injury. He hasn’t been a full participant, but was doing individual workouts. The Cowboys have been winning with rookie QB Dak Prescott on a consistent basis, and they’re now 5-1. The day is fast approaching when they’ll have to decide if they’re switching back to Romo or not.

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