Colts’ QB Andrew Luck on loss: ‘I let the team down’

The Indianapolis Colts and quarterback Andrew Luck are looking for answers after their 30-14 drubbing on Sunday afternoon at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs. The game moved the Colts to 3-5, and now has them two games behind the Houston Texans in the division and one game behind the Tennessee Titans.

That being said according to Luck, the problem on Sunday was simple. It was his poor play.

“Me,” he said when asked why the offense played so poorly. “I know I struggled. I think every offensive player in the room feels like we let each other down in a sense. In my mind, I feel like I let the team down.”

Luck did not stop there when it comes to criticizing himself for his play. He was asked about a fumbled snap that caused a turnover and he was very critical of himself on the play.

“My job is to catch that ball and I didn’t,” Luck said. “I failed.”

Ultimately Luck, who threw for 210 yards and rushed for another 60 in the game, may be being a bit harsh on himself. Although he did make a few errors, the Colts can’t ask him to be perfect every week for them to win.

At this point the play of Luck’s surrounding cast has to be a major concern for the Colts. Luck is clearly an elite quarterback and Indianapolis can compete for a championship with him under center. That being said though, the Colts seem farther away than ever from that championship even though they are 69 games into the young quarterback’s career.

As you can imagine, the lack of constant progression is a major point of frustration for Luck.

“It feels like we’re making progress (one week) and then we step backward, and we’re sick of it,” he said. “It’s on us. No one else to blame. It’s on us.”

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