Colts’ LB Josh McNary apologizes for hit on Titans’ TE Delanie Walker

Linebacker Josh McNary of the Indianapolis Colts put a vicious hit on Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker during their game this past Sunday. The play was questionable, at best, and McNary received a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty for the third quarter play.

That being said, the linebacker was very remorseful about the hit after the game. He even apologized to Walker on Instagram afterwards.

“As I closed in on #82, he maintained eyes on the QB and suddenly let up as he saw that he wasn’t the target,” McNary wrote in an Instagram post after the game. “Almost simultaneously, I struck him on his pads to reroute him not knowing the ball had just been released. Unfortunately he was hurt on the play and our team suffered the untimely penalty. It is never my intention to hurt a fellow player, as I pray for an injury free contest before every game. Not everyone can understand, but it is a fast, physical sport and I am very much a work in progress.”

Despite the apology, Titans coach Mike Mularkey called the play “unnecessary” on Monday and clearly was not pleased with it.

For what it’s worth to Mularkey and the Titans, Colts’ coach Chuck Pagano had nothing but positive things to say about his linebacker.

“We don’t have cheap-shot guys on this football team. That’s not Josh,” Pagano said. “That’s not any of our guys. There was no malice there. It was a bang-bang play, (McNary) was reacting to what he thought he saw and it was unfortunate.”

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