Chargers’ DE Joey Bosa sets rookie record for QB hits

It may have taken some time to get DE Joey Bosa on the field, but he’s been valuable to the Chargers already. According to NFL Research:

“Chargers DE Joey Bosa is the first player with 2+ QB hits in each of his first 3 career games since 2006, when QB hits were first tracked.”

It’s worth noting that Bosa also has 11 tackles and four sacks in just three games. His play helped the Chargers knock off the Atalanta Falcons, who had one of the best offenses in the NFL, last week. The Chargers also beat the Broncos the week before that, though Bosa was quiet in the game.

Overall, though, his QB hit pace is better than any rookie in the last decade, at least, and his four sacks in three games are better than a lot of high-profile vets. Those thinking that the Chargers made a mistake when they took the Ohio State product at No. 3 overall in the draft have to be reconsidering their position at this point.

The issue with Bosa was that he didn’t like the contract he was offered, and he entered a long holdout. It got ugly, with the team even issuing statements online to put pressure on Bosa by telling the fans what they were offering him. His mother, at one point, said she wished they’d “pulled an Eli Manning” at the draft – referring to Manning’s refusal to play in San Diego, which led to his being traded to the Giants.

Winning cures all, though. With those stats, he is making people forget everything else.

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