Browns’ QB Josh McCown medically cleared

The Cleveland Browns are finally allowed to use QB Josh McCown, as he’s been medically cleared not just to practice, but to play as soon as this weekend.

However, according to the team’s official Twitter account, head coach Hue Jackson wants to see more of him in practice before he’ll decide if he wants to start McCown or keep going with rookie Cody Kessler.

Part of the decision here hinges on exactly what the Browns are playing for and what they plan to do down the line. Clearly, McCown is the best option if he’s healthy and playing well. He’s an experienced vet and may be able to help them get their first win of the year this season. If they’re looking for instant success, that’s the best bet.

If they’re looking to the future, it’s certainly not McCown. From that perspective, they should just keep starting Kessler. They are already pretty much out of the playoff hunt. Though not mathematically eliminated yet, it’s clear this isn’t a team that is going to contend this season. They’re rebuilding, focusing on youth, and playing toward a high draft pick. They may want to play Kessler so they can find out if he’s the future or if they should be drafting a QB high.

The wildcard in all of this is Robert Griffin. He’s been injured, but they thought at the beginning of the year that he may be the future. If they still have any hope for that, then they may not care as much about developing Kessler, just to sit him on the bench next season.

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