Brian Baldinger calls for Eagles to place bounty on Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott

Football fans in the 1980s well remember the “Bounty Bowls” of 1989 between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles when Eagles’ coach Buddy Ryan allegedly placed a $200 bounty on the Cowboys’ kicker. With the two teams now slated to face each other for the first time this season, echoes of the Ryan era have played through the Philadelphia airwaves.

NFL Network analyst and former Eagles and Cowboys’ offensive lineman Brian Baldinger did more than just imply putting a bounty on a Cowboys player, he directly stated that the Eagles should be looking to take out rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott for some extra cash.

“This is the guy that we’ve got to hurt,” Baldinger said on 97.5 The Fanatic. “This is the guy that we’ve got to take out of the game. There’s got to be 10 guys that want to hurt him every single play. In fact, we may even put a little bounty on Ezekiel Elliott.”

Baldinger accused Elliott of “arrogance” for his NFL Draft wardrobe and that he simply rubs him the wrong way. So not only is the proposed bounty a matter of stopping the league’s leading rusher on pace for 1,800 yards and 15 touchdowns, there is also a bit of a personal vendetta for Baldinger.

“You want to cut off the head to kill the body, that’s the guy you’ve got to get to,” Baldinger added.

Elliott was the only player Baldinger referred to taking out, so presumably he is the head of the Cowboys’ offense, not fellow rookie and quarterback Dak Prescott, whose only healthy backup is Mark Sanchez.

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