Bills’ Richie Incognito’s fine was money well-spent

That $9,115 is enough to buy nice used car or a good year’s worth of rent. That’s good money spent. But for Buffalo Bills left guard Richie Incognito, it’s the little things in life like throwing a Miami Dolphins helmet that is really worth spending close to five figures on.

During last Sunday’s 28-25 loss to the Dolphins, Incognito was involved in a scuffle with Dolphins defensive end Andre Branch. The incident happened after Bills running back Reggie Bush had his helmet knocked off after a touchdown with 14 seconds remaining. In the center of the situation, Incognito threw Branch’s helmet 20 yards downfield.

The Bills could have used that arm for the rest of the game with that type of power as Tyrod Taylor completed just two passes over 20 yards.

As Incognito notes in his tweet, he was fined $9,115 for unnecessary roughness. This is his first fine since being suspended four games and fined $470,588 in 2013 with the Dolphins after he bullied teammate Jonathan Martin.

But ever since the incident with Martin, he has become a leader for the Bills’ and has been one of the most dominant interior blockers in the game. Last season he graded as a top-five blocker by Pro Football Focus, helping the Bills lead the league in rushing. This year has been much of the same story. Week 6 they had 172 yards rushing up the middle and didn’t allow a sack with Incognito’s protection.

On the opposite end of the deal, Branch was dealt $12,154 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct. Even more money was tossed around as Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry was fined $24,309 for unnecessary roughness after injuring Bills safety Aaron Williams on a late hit.

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