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Rosen | The best shooting guards in Warriors history

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)
(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

The Warriors have always been blessed with an abundance of blue-chip shooting guards. Here are the best of the lot.


His per-game scoring average has increased every season he’s been in the league—12.5 in 2011-12, then 16.6, 18.4, 21.7, 22.1, and 22.3 last season (even with Kevin Durant in the mix). While other players at this position scored more points, the major difference that puts Thompson at the head of the list is his adhesive defense, to say nothing of his three All-Star Game appearances.


The middleman in RUN-TMC, Richmond was the primary scorer of the trio. A solid 6-4 and 220 pounds, he could blast his way to the hoop or stand back and drop treys. In his three years as a Warrior (1989-91), Richmond averaged 22.7 points and took the first steps that eventually led him into the Hall of Fame.


As a rookie in the 1974-75 season, Smith was a rotation player (7.7 points) as the Warriors gained the championship, but he blossomed the following season, averaging 20 points and being named to the All-NBA second team as well as the All-NBA defensive second team. In his six seasons with the Warriors he averaged 17.7 points and was twice an All-Star. Unfortunately, a ruptured Achilles’ tendon shortened his career.


He played only two seasons with the Warriors (1981-82) but averaged 23.4 points. His rainbow jumpers and general skywalking made him an irresistible one-on-one scorer.


He couldn’t defend and his handle was subpar, but Jackson could score. From 2007-10, he averaged 19.4 points for the Warriors, mostly when he could dribble-right-pull-and-shoot. His quick release also made him a deadly catch-and-shoot scorer.


From 2002-07, Richardson scored 18.3 per game for the Warriors. He was more of a shooter than a driver but, at 6-6 and a muscular 220 pounds, Richardson was not afraid to rebound with the big men. Indeed, he snagged 5.4 rebounds per game with the Warriors, an extraordinary total for a guard.


He was a plugger who never took a game or play off. His career with the Warriors extended from 1967-1976, during which he was a three-time All-Star and also a key element in the team’s 1975 NBA championship. Moreover, Mullins was a member of the USA team that won the gold in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Solid, dependable and unspectacular, Mullins was simply a baller.

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