The Starting 5: Why can’t bigs make free throws?

The Starting 5: A look at some of the best hoops content from around the Internet

1. NBA AM: Why Some Guys Are Bad Foul Shooters – Steve Kyler, Basketball Insiders

The league will probably make a rules adjustment soon to address the Hack-A trend that’s created increasingly boring basketball for teams with crummy free throw shooters. While that’d be a bailout of sorts for unskilled big men, it wouldn’t make the charity stripe a non-factor for the worst of the worst. Knocking down your free throws is possible from a large frame, and makes a great big even greater. So why aren’t so many post players improving? Kyler got the insight of an anonymous NBA coach and an NBA skills trainer, looking for holes in the approach of bad free throw shooters. Poor lower body energy and mental barriers are interesting factors, although the skepticism over implementing a granny shot is disheartening.

2. Tom Thibodeau, Mark Jackson, and the status quo – William Bohl, A Wolf Among Wolves

Amid all the excitement over Tom Thibodeau taking the reins in Minnesota, Bohl takes some time for some necessary grains of salt. There have been issues with Thibs staffs, but the discrepancy between the perception and opportunities coaches like him are afforded is an NBA-wide problem, not just a Wolves issue. What do we mean by “coaches like him”? White coaches, who routinely replace their minority counterparts (Sam Mitchell) and skip to the front of the hiring process ahead of qualified minority counterparts (Mark Jackson, David Fizdale, Adrian Griffin, etc.).

3. Chris Paul’s Broken Hand Changes Complexion of Trail Blazers – Clippers First-Round Playoff Series & More – Eric Griffith, Blazers Edge

When I saw Chris Paul leave the court during Monday night’s game against the Blazers, clearly upset about a hand injury that might keep him out of the remaining playoffs, my response was as distraught as Mother DeAndre Jordan in that weird State Farm commercial: “We’ve been robbed!” Like last year, injuries to star players are starting to stack up and (potentially) take away some of the most anticipated postseason matchups.

But the misfortune of some is a break for others, and the Blazers are now poised to beat the Clippers in Round 1. Griffith breaks down the enormous impact CP3’s absence will have on the series, the way the Blazers scheme and the fate of a scrappy Portland team that wasn’t supposed to be here in the first place.

4. No, the Colangelos Don’t Get to Take Credit if Dario Saric Comes Over This Summer – Kyle Neubeck, Liberty Ballers

The Liberty Ballers staff is doing important work in the post-Hinkie era, preemptively dispelling myths and properly framing the legacy of both the ousted GM and his successors riding a wave of credit for showing up and signing Ish Smith. Win the war, write the history books is an unfortunate right-of-way, and one that the Colangelos stand to benefit from. Neubeck battles against the inevitable perception that an accelerated process will be responsible for Dario Saric’s arrival in Philadelphia. It’s simply not the case that Saric is eyeing the NBA because the so-called “culture of losing” is over, and has been planning to come over to the states all along.

5. Cool for the summer: For the Dallas Mavericks, Chandler Parsons’ job starts now – Wes Goldberg, Hardwood Paroxysm

After finishing another season on the mend, Chandler Parsons is already talking about his plans to alter the free-agent landscape this summer. Goldberg takes this bizarre, recurring Parsons story as seriously as it deserves to be taken (not very).

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