NBA Free Agency 2015: Final Predictions

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, NBA geeks worldwide will be hopping onto their preferred social media platform to contribute to the rampant and rapid-fire speculation that feeds the beast that is NBA free agency.

Of course we won’t know any official outcomes until July 10th, the day on which players can formally sign the contracts they had previously verbally agreed to, but tomorrow is marked off as a holiday in the books of anyone who closely follows the NBA. The information will flow across the reaches of cyberspace more frantically than a child engaged in a violent tantrum.

It has become a day of hope for franchises mired in the malaise of mediocrity. It has become a day of torment for franchises consistently beyond arm’s reach of their most coveted free agents. But, either way, it has become a highly visible and newsworthy day to even the most casual fans.

So, what does this year hold? What surprises lie waiting in the days to follow? Here are my predictions on what is in store for the prizes of this year’s free agency class, broken down into three distinct groups.

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