NBA Free Agency 2015: 5 Sleeper Free Agents

The NBA’s free agency negotiation period begins July 1. If you’re like most fans, you’ll be watching closely to see where the star players go and what their contracts are like.

Will LaMarcus Aldridge sign with the San Antonio Spurs or Dallas Mavericks? Or somewhere else? Does Jimmy Butler actually want to join the Los Angeles Lakers? Is Marc Gasol headed to the City of Angels to play with Kobe?

The answers to these questions will significantly change the NBA landscape for next season. But smaller, lower-profile moves will also make an impact.

Certain players who aren’t seen as big names at the moment will end up being steals in free agency because teams around the league underestimated them, for whatever reason.

So let’s look at five of those free-agent sleepers who will sign bargain contracts this summer.

All statistics and measurements are from Basketball-Reference.comNBA.com and ESPN.com (including ESPN’s Hollinger Stats) and updated through June 29 unless otherwise indicated.

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