NBA Finals: How Cavaliers Can Pull Off the Upset

Sadly, the Golden State Warriors’ and Cleveland Cavaliers’ dominant performances in their respective conference finals gave fans well over a week off of NBA basketball. It allows us to digest the upcoming series from all angles.

Looking at what LeBron James has already had to overcome with this injury-laden group, if he’s able to beat Golden State in the next round, it might just be the biggest accomplishment of his playing career thus far.

It’s tough to look at these two teams and think of a scenario where the Cavs are able to win this series. Almost everywhere across the board, the Warriors just scream to be the better team — offensively, their depth, passing ability or three-point shooting. What will it take for the Cavaliers to win this series?

Here are three things that MUST happen for Cleveland to take home the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

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