All Weather Fan Podcast: NBA Finals, Ali, Talib, Durant with guest James Holas

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Muhammad Ali’s Passing and What he Meant to the Sporting World and Fans

  • How the man represented a part of us that we all wish we could be when it came to a level of greatness, willingness to take a stance when it meant putting his life at risk, growing as a person to a man encapsulating love and peace, and as a champion
  • How Ali didn’t actually “dodge” the draft and what that actually looked like
  • Was he really the greatest boxer of all time?

Aqib Talib

  • Update on Aqib Talib after him suffering a gunshot wound at a Dallas nightclub
  • Why Will feels at some point as a man you have to stop putting yourself in dangerous situations and how Talib has failed at doing so here

NBA Finals with BBALLBREAKDOWN’S James Holas

  • Outlining the most in-depth stats you’ll find from the first two games of the 2016 NBA Finals
  • James’ take on if the Cleveland Cavaliers can even win a game in this series
    • Is Tyronn Lue a bad coach?
    • What the Cavs need to do (if anything) in order to be competitive?
  • Did the Cavs doom themselves in the Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love trade?

Kevin Durant 

  • Does James think Durant should leave OKC?
  • How Russell Westbrook (James’ favorite player) might be getting somewhat of a pass for his part in that choke job
  • Should Durant consider the Eastern Conference?

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All Weather Fan Podcast: NBA Finals, Ali, Talib, Durant with guest James Holas

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