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Heyman | Twins could pick McKay but Greene not as likely

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Word is, the Minnesota Twins are strongly considering taking Louisville first baseman/pitcher Brendan McKay among what appears to be their final four for the No. 1 overall pick in next month’s draft.

The Twins also have been considering Vanderbilt pitcher Kyle Wright, California prep shortstop Royce Lewis and California prep pitcher/shortstop Hunter Greene – though word lately is that they are more likely to go with McKay, Wright or Lewis than take the plunge with the high school right-hander pitcher Greene, and perhaps mostly to tab McKay.

Greene has been thought to have a chance to be the first prep righty to go No. 1 but it looks like he may have to wait a pick or two later. But the latest belief is that the wunderkind Greene, who would be the first high school right-handed pitcher ever taken No. 1 (most see him as a pitcher, though he can hit and field, too) does not appear to be a serious consideration for the Twins at the moment, at least not as serious as the other three.

McKay, another two-way star, could be a pitcher or first baseman, and all the teams at the top of the draft seem to like him in either spot. He has very good stuff, though one evaluator says “He’s not David Price.” He’s also an excellent hitter, and any questions about his power may have been answered by a recent four-homer game. Generally, he has wowed folks with a huge performance as a junior.

Greene is a wonderful story, and a graduate of MLB’s academy, whose intention was to aid underprivileged and minority talents and the embodiment of the academy’s success. Some MLB people had been hoping Greene be the top pick, but even though that seems unlikely now, it’s still a feather in the cap of the academy that he will surely go in the top and most likely in the top five. He has hit 100 mph and is praised as a “great kid” by everyone he meets.

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