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Heyman | Correa’s agent says he won’t do early mutli-year contract

Juan DeLeon/Icon Sportswire

The Houston Astros have done some smaller early signings but have never gotten close to anything with superstar shortstop Carlos Correa.

“Carlos is never going to do an (early) multiyear contract,” agent Greg Genske said.

He hasn’t technically even done a one-year contract either as the Astros renewed Correa the last two years, including this year, when they gave him the major-league minimum of $535,000.

Word is they offered somewhere around $565,000 and were perhaps willing to go a bit higher, but Correa wasn’t going to put his name to something he didn’t believe in, his friends say.

He also has big sponsorship deals with Adidas and others that pay him millions.

Correa is one of the best young shortstops in the game, hitting 22 home runs with an .857 OPS during the 2015 season in which he was named American League Rookie of the Year. He followed that up with 20 home runs and an .811 OPS, with some considering it a down year despite his batting average staying close to the same (.279 in 2015, .274 in 2016) and his on-base percentage improving from .345 to .361. That ‘down’ year was worth 6.0 WAR, according to baseball-reference.

Speaking of Correa, a friend says, “His mentality has always been that he’s going to play it out.”

Even so, by giving him such oddly low deals, you wonder whether the Astros could hurt their chances to keep him long-term, assuming they are interested. Oddly, they gave an early deal to Jon Singleton ($10 million, five years) who’s in the minors, and offered one to Matt Dominguez, who’s also in the minors but erred by turning it down

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