Relatively Speaking: MLB Trade Deadline and Draymond Green

Tony Quinn/Icon Sportswire

The Major League Baseball trade deadline is on Monday. Due to that, the Relatively Speaking Podcast is going — gasp — baseball heavy this week. To help carry the burden of Jared and Joseph not exactly being MLB apt, the guys bring in Tommy Stokke as a guest.

For those unaware, Tommy broke the Chris Sale story last week. He is more than just a mere uniform-shredding expert. He also had his hands on the Aroldis Chapman trade last weekend, is the Director of Content for the FanRag Sports Network, and has become a relatively famous baseball reporter on the mean streets of Twitter — no masthead to acknowledge a thing be damned.

To start the show, however, Draymond Green’s rather odd picture is the topic of discussion. What are the ethics on this topic from a journalism standpoint? Who was he sending it to? Should he embrace the shame, parlay it into endorsement deals, and turn this into the Summer of Dray 2.o? So many questions, Jared and Joseph have all the answers.

Tommy comes in with a bad tweet of his own. He is not a big fan of “fake reporting.” He then brings his vast MLB knowledge to the table to discuss some trades that already happened, what to expect before the deadline hits, and how Ryan Howard’s deal is just a part of the Major League Baseball dilly.

Absurd Questions takes some time to get patently absurd this week. What video game would you live in? Would you rather be Mike Trout or Bryce Harper? Jared asked one too, but we already forgot what it was because it was so disgusting in its absurdness.

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