MLB Power Rankings Week 12 | Yankees slip from top-five

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Leagues and divisions can clutter the overall picture in Major League Baseball. Every week, FanRag Sports breaks down those barriers, presenting a 1-to-30 power rankings list for every team in the league, offering fans clarity as to who’s better and who’s best.

Only five NL teams sport records over .500, and four of them rate in the top five of this list.

1. Astros (46-24) Last Week: 1.  Since their 11-game winning streak, they have lost eight of 12, including two of three in a fun series against the Red Sox over the weekend.

2. Nationals (42-27) LW: 2. Haven’t really needed a closer in a week, but when they did, Matt Albers blew the save. GM Mike Rizzo simply has to commit to dealing, because bullpen solutions are available.

3. Dodgers (44-26) LW: 4. Mets come to L.A. before a big series with the Rockies starts Friday.

4. Rockies (46-26) LW: 5. Nolan Arenado hits the fourth cycle of the season already, hitting the finishing-touch home run to walk-off the hapless Giants.

5. Diamondbacks (44-26) LW: 6. On a seven-game winning streak and fourth in the NL in run differential. Visit the Rockies starting Tuesday.

6. Yankees (38-29) LW: 3. A six-game losing streak against the Angels and Athletics has consequences. Two of the games were lost in extra innings, and two more were by one run, so it’s not like they were dominated, but these Yankees have limitations.

7. Red Sox (39-30) LW: 7. They’re 28th in home runs, 23rd in slugging. When will they turn on the power?

8. Indians (36-31) LW: 9. They’re seventh in run differential and on a five-game winning streak, so perhaps they’re making their move.

9. Brewers (38-33) LW: 10.  Their upcoming schedule is relatively weak (Pirates, Braves, Reds, Marlins, Orioles), so here’s a chance to a make a separation move in the NL Central.

10. Twins (34-33) LW: 8. Getting swept by Cleveland in four games is no way to assert yourself in the AL Central. (It’s also no way to go through life, son.)

Minnesota Twins' Chris Gimenez circles the bases after hitting a three-run home run off Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Ariel Miranda in the first inning of a baseball game Thursday, June 15, 2017, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

(AP Photo/Jim Mone)

11. Cubs (34-34) LW: 11. Still in a mediocre holding pattern.

12. Rays (37-35) LW: 14. Jacob Faria has been far out in three starts. If the Rays could get effective starting pitching like they’ve been used to, to go with the improved offense that they hadn’t been used to, they could make a run at the AL East.

13. Orioles (34-34) LW: 12. Tough schedule coming up; real chance to fall way behind.

14. Blue Jays (33-35) LW: 13. They’ve been on the verge of .500 five times since the start of June, but they just can’t get over the hump. Perhaps they’re not meant to.

15. Tigers (32-36) LW: 15. Even though it’s just Seattle and San Diego, the dreaded West Coast trip has buried better teams.

16. Rangers (34-34) LW: 19. Inconsistency is the hobgoblin of … whatever it is, it’s the Rangers.

17. Mariners (34-37) LW: 16. Felix Hernandez starts Friday. Does that also start a run for the M’s? Perhaps, but they’re also playing the Astros.

18. Royals (33-35) LW: 23. Big movers of the week! They seem like they’re making a run, and they’re doing it with the lumber, with dingers.

19. Angels (36-37) LW: 17. Mike Trout will be swinging a bat soon.

20. Cardinals (31-37) LW: 18. GM John Mozeliak laying down the law hasn’t had the desired effect so far.

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21. Pirates (31-38) LW: 21. Want a good sign? Andrew McCutchen putting up an OPS over 1.100 in June.

22. Mets (31-37) LW: 22. Why don’t they just make the entire team out of Jacob deGrom?!

23. White Sox (31-37) LW: 24. Still plus-four in run differential. Plus, they play with spunk, and even if you hate spunk, that’s a good thing.

24. Athletics (31-38) LW: 25. Sweep of the Yankees is great, but their record is not and their run differential is fourth worst in the majors.

25. Marlins (30-37) LW: 26. Their run differential is minus-three, so perhaps that’s an indication they can jump to the middle third of the pack. But no higher than that.

26. Reds (29-39) LW: 20. Nine-game bender, and it has probably been long overdue. Can’t drop them below Atlanta yet, however.

27. Braves (31-37) LW: 27. The baseball world was stunned when The Freeze lost a race.

28. Giants (26-45) LW: 28. Closer Mark Melancon has been brutal, in keeping with pretty much everyone else on the roster this season.

29. Phillies (22-46) LW: 29. Is Pat Neshek going back to the All-Star Game?

30. Padres (28-42) LW: 30. Still the worst — though the Phillies gain a little on run differential.

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