Mike Pettine doesn’t believe Johnny Manziel’s Browns career is over

(Brian Kunst/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire)

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel will be riding the bench for the remainder of the 2015 NFL season, but head coach Mike Pettine does not believe the former first-round pick has played his final game as a Brown.

“I certainly hope not,” Pettine told reporters about this being the end of Manziel’s Browns career. “He’s made great progress and there was no better proof than last Sunday against Pittsburgh. But sometimes, you gotta take a step back to take a few forward. … We told him yesterday — this isn’t a dead end. This is a hurdle. It’s an obstacle. So, part of success in athletics is dealing with adversity, and this will be an example of it.”

Pettine noted that the team had to discipline Manziel for his actions and the organization’s decision makers were all in agreement on the QBs demotion.

“The position of quarterback is always going to be held to a higher standard than any other position on the team,” Pettine said. “That’s the reality. It’s not just about talent. It’s not just about what you do on the field. To be successful at the position requires a great understanding of what’s involved in the non-physical aspects: The leadership, the trust, the accountability, responsibility, the diligence. You have to take the mentality that nobody is going to outwork you. That has to be understood when you play the position at this level.”

Pettine added: “I can’t emphasize enough the importance of the trust and the accountability piece. This is where we had an obvious shortcoming.”

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