Mike Babcock Expects To Make Coaching Decision By May 20

Mike Babcock is still technically the head coach of the Detroit Red Wings, but was given permission to seek coaching opportunities elsewhere. After spending the last couple weeks on a tour around the NHL, Babcock expects to make a decision about his future next week.

“I bet you by the 20th, I’m going to know what I’m doing,” Babcock told TSN’s Darren Dreger. “This has been an interesting process. I brought this on myself. I’ve learned a ton about myself. I’ve learned a ton about our relationship. I’ve learned a ton about franchises and the NHL and it’s been great. But to say it’s been fun? You know, your head’s spinning.”

Babcock said he has more than one offer on the table. He did not reveal where those offers lie, but there are currently four coaching vacancies: Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Sabres, Philadelphia Flyers and San Jose Sharks.

“I think about, the Red Wings are an Original Six franchise — a special, special thing. I think about the opportunity to win. I think about my family, about my time in Detroit,” Babcock said.

“Is change important to important to invigorate you? I think about lots of things. I’ve done enough thinking. It’s time to make a decision here pretty quick. I’m a big-picture guy but I’m an immediate gratification guy, too, because I like winning.”

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