Memphis fake FG ends in INT

30 December 2015: Memphis Helmet at the Birmingham Bowl between the Auburn Tigers and the Memphis Tigers. Auburn defeated Memphis by the score of 31-10 at Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama. (Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire)
Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire

The Memphis Tigers upset the No. 25-ranked UCLA Bruins on Saturday afternoon, a marquee home victory for the program. But before all that, they tried to get creative and put the game on ice with a fake field goal to push their lead out to two scores, and, well, it didn’t end how they planned.

If nothing else, give the Tigers credit to getting to the part where they actually got to the kicker to throw the ball. A whole lot of things could have gone wrong prior to that, but a kicker throwing an interception isn’t the worst result that could have taken place — especially considering they got the win in the end.

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