Mayweather Tops Pacquiao in Unanimous Decision

The fight didn’t live up to the hype, but nonetheless Floyd Mayweather did exactly what he told everyone he would do.

He beat Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather, while still defensive, outboxed Pacquiao for much of the night, winning 118-110 on one scorecard and 116-112 on the other two to take a unanimous decision and become the unified welterweight champion.

Arguably–and perhaps unarguably–the most hyped fight of all time delivered in the box office even if the product in the ring wasn’t what the fans wanted. Boxing purists could enjoy Mayweather’s tactical plan and defensive execution, but neither fighter looked like they had been in a 12-round fight afterwards.

Early on, neither fighter really dominated. Mayweather edged out Pacquiao on most scorecards, but it could’ve gone either way. It wasn’t until the 4th round that Pacquiao squared up a jab on Mayweather and clearly won the round. He attacked Mayweather for much of the 6th round, winning that as well, but that attack wasn’t there for much of the fight.

May 2.2015. Las Vegas NV. ( in Gld-blk color trunks) Floyd Mayweather Jr. goes 12 rounds with Manny Pacquiao Saturday at the MGM Grand Hotel. Floyd Mayweather Jr. took the win by unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas..

Pacquiao was unable to connect with enough regularity to top Mayweather.

Known for his defense, Mayweather was very much on the defensive and using counter-punches to control the fight. He was able to stymie Pacquiao’s offense, limiting him to just 81 landed punches in total. Mayweather landed 81 power punches alone.

Mayweather landed 34 percent of his strikes compared to Pacquiao’s 19 percent. Overall, Mayweather threw and landed more punches than Pacquiao, which might be the most surprising stat of the night.

Pacquaio said after the fight that he was fighting with an injured shoulder. The Nevada Athletic Commission prevented Pacquiao from receiving an anti-inflammatory shot prior to the fight.

The injury talk of course sets up the talk of a rematch. Mayweather says he has one fight left and will fight in September in an effort to finish his career 49-0.

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