Marshawn Lynch Could Still Face Fine

Marshawn Lynch did his job to avoid a fine by showing up for the required amount of time and “answering” media questions. Roger Goodell–as usual–has other plans.

Despite meeting his required time at Media Day and avoiding a threatened $500 thousand fine, Lynch could be fined for the hat he was wearing.

From Adam Schefter:

If you think you can get one past the NFL, you can. You just can’t when it comes to something rather irrelevant like what hat you wear or not wanting to talk to the media.

The NFL has a policy in place that restricts players from sporting non-NFL brands during the Super Bowl Media Days and on the sidelines of games. However, Lynch’s “Beast Mode” hat is made by New Era, who is a sponsor of the NFL.

Again, it sounds like nothing should happen to Lynch. But this is the NFL, where common sense isn’t encouraged.

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