Mariota Compiles Historic Stat Line

Greg McWilliams/Icon Sportswire

The Tennessee Titans won one of the most wild NFL games of the year on Sunday afternoon, beating their division rival Jacksonville Jaguars by the college-esque score of 42-39. Easily the most impressive part of the Titans’ victory was the monstrous stat line put up by rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota: he completed 20-of-29 passes for 268 yards, including three touchdown receptions. And Mariota rushed for 112 yards on nine attempts, including one rushing touchdown.

While plenty of quarterbacks have rushed and thrown for a touchdown in the same game, almost nobody has done so while compiling the massive amounts of yardage that Mariota did on Sunday. In fact, there are only three other games in NFL history in which a quarterback had similar production (at least 250 passing yards, at least 100 rushing yards): one by Russell Wilson (2014) and two by Cam Newton (2012, 2014). Ironically enough, Wilson lost his game (a last-second give-away to the St. Louis Rams), and Newton finished his historic 2014 effort in a tie with the Cincinnati Bengals.

There was a historic effort on the other side of the ball, too. Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles threw five passing touchdowns and still lost the game, which has happened only sixteen previous times in league history. Earlier this season, Eli Manning of the New York Giants threw six touchdowns and still lost to the Saints, 52-49.

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