Man learns of free Stanley Cup Finals tickets … five weeks too late

John Crouch/Icon Sportswire

An apparent Nashville Predators fan came upon a strange sight upon checking Twitter for the first time in a while, and it may well have been a scarring sequence for said Preds supporter.

Evidently, this man won two free tickets to Game 6 of this past Stanley Cup Finals. Only he didn’t know about it until more than five weeks later because the message came to his Twitter account, one he doesn’t check regularly.


The NHL on NBC’s Twitter account picked up on this and was stunned to learn of this man’s pain.

The Predators, and their nationally renowned fanbase, did not win this game. The Pittsburgh Penguins clinched the Cup on the Preds’ ice in a 2-0 win. So this would have likely been worse had this fan learned of a missed opportunity involving Games 3 or 4, both wins.

But still. Yikes.

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