All Weather Fan Podcast: Luck, Summit, Ryan and NBA Free Agency

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Will opens up discussing:

  • The devastating loss of Pat Summitt
    • What she meant to women’s basketball and women in general being able to break through in the South as she did
    • The legacy she left and some of the touching stories that demonstrated the woman’s heart
    • Why she was a  pioneer
  • The loss of Buddy Ryan
    • Discusses his legacy and impact he’s left on the game and his son
    • Offers respect for the great coach
  • Andrew Luck’s Contract
    • Discusses how Luck can spend his first paycheck ending poverty or buying schoolbooks for one hemisphere of children
    • Contemplates why Jim Irsay would openly make it so easy in discussing he was going to give Luck the richest QB contract ever months before he did so
    • The risks involved in the deal

Then Will is joined by Bleacher Report’s and Today’s Fastbreak’s Kelly Scaletta to discuss:

  • Kevin Durant sweepstakes
    • Would he be crazy to consider Boston?
    • Is he going to leave?
    • How him landing on either the Spurs or Warriors affects his legacy
  • Dwight Howard
    • What is his value now?
  • NBA Free Agency
    • Kelly gives his sneaky most valuable free agent on the market
  • Los Angeles Lakers
    • Kelly discusses what fans and the team need to do to get this thing correct

Will Reeve is a podcaster and writer for FanRag Sports, Today’s Fastbreak, Today’s Pigskin, contributor for BBALLBREAKDOWN and has been featured on ESPN Radio, NBC Sports Radio, SIRIUSXM Radio and many others. You can follow him on Twitter or connect with him on Facebook.

All Weather Fan Podcast: Luck, Summit, Ryan and NBA Free Agency

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