Looming Revenge Games For 2015 NFL Season

The NFL schedule isn’t out in full yet, but they have released the slate of home and away games for each team—and the fact Buffalo and Jacksonville will play in London on October 25. Armed with that information, it’s still clear that some huge revenge games are already on the line, games that will draw national interest and perhaps the top spot on the weekend’s schedule: Sunday night.

These aren’t just games for the diehard fans, but games every fan of NFL football should watch. When emotions and tempers run high, teams often play their best ball of the season.

Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles

NFL: DEC 28 Eagles at Giants

LeSean McCoy is already talking down about Chip Kelly, saying he has no respect for the players. Other former Eagles have also talked about wanting to get out of town.

McCoy will have a chance to do more than just talk when his new team, the Buffalo Bills, roll into Philly in 2015. He’ll be going up against his old coach, a coach who didn’t want him even though he was one of the best running backs in the NFL. He felt disrespected, he felt insulted and he’s going to do everything he can to make Kelly pay.

This game won’t just be about winning. It will be about dominating. To borrow from the recently-ended NCAA tournament, just look at what happened when the West Virginia Mountaineers were talking trash about the Kentucky Wildcats before their meeting. The Wildcats poured it on all night, stomping the Mountaineers into the ground, 79-38. The guard who had been talking trash didn’t score a point.

That’s going to be LeSean McCoy in Philly. No matter how the Bills’ season goes, he’s going to make sure he looks like Barry freaking Sanders in that game.

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