Relatively Speaking Podcast: LeBron turned face, entire Curry family heel

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There will be a Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Thanks to a wonderful performance from LeBron James, something else happened on Thursday night — LeBron turned face. Also, as the Relatively Speaking Podcast will discuss, Steph Curry and his entire family turned heels.

The first segment of the show discusses just that. How, in real time, Bron Bron went from a rather unappreciated great player to the type that more and more people are not only appreciating, but starting to pull for. Miracles apparently do happen — so, too, do a ton of wrestling analogies.

With LeBron turning face, there were other aspects that played a part in it. Mostly here being the Curry family heel turn. Between a certain tweet from a wife, to a mouthpiece situation turned wrong, the entire Curry clan has gone full HBK on Marty Jannetty through the barbershop window.

The Bad Tweets segment is concerning a certain few people who “closed Cleveland’s window to win a championship” four days ago. Oh, and another bad tweet concerning recency bias and an awful take on a situation that hasn’t even finished out yet.

A Game 7 preview happens, too. That is followed up by Joe vs Jared, in which Joseph admits he won’t be watching Game 7 live. You know, because Money in the Bank!

Absurd Questions is about LeBron’s hairline and other stuff. Also, Jared wants to add stipulation to Game 7 — which led to several suggestions, such as bringing back Mark Jackson if the Warriors in the first quarter.

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Relatively Speaking Podcast: LeBron turned face, entire Curry family heel

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