Latest update on Ric Flair recovery is upbeat

(AP Photo/Charles Sykes)

Ric Flair continues to make progress following hospitalization and subsequent surgery he underwent a few weeks ago.

His fiancee, Wendy Barlow, took to Facebook on Tuesday to provide an update:

“He is doing very well for man who has been through so much!” she wrote, per WWE.com. “He will begin physical therapy shortly and will be stronger than ever and back out enjoying all the fans sooner than you would think.”

Flair reportedly had a part of his bowel removed, one that was damaged due to alcohol intake. “The Nature Boy” touched on that facet of his life with Sports Illustrated shortly before he was hospitalized.

“I had one vice,” Flair said in Justin Barrasso’s feature. “I’m not going to point my finger at anybody else. My vice was drinking. I didn’t have any pain issues, addiction problems, marijuana, cocaine, nothing like that. It’s a fact that I kept myself up all night and always had a good time.”

Flair’s daughter Charlotte updated her father’s status a week following the incident, stating he was “getting better.”

Flair, who is tied with John Cena for a record 16 world championship reigns in WWE, is slated to have a documentary centered around him when ESPN releases a 30 for 30 titled “Nature Boy” this upcoming November.

The 68-year-old even took to Twitter on Tuesday to give an update to the wrestling community:

“Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been, to stand up taller than you ever were. Naitch WILL be back!”

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