Knicks and Amar’e Stoudemire Agree to Buy Out

The five-year, $100 million career of Amar’e Stoudemire with the New York Knicks is over after the two sides agreed to a buy out.

In 36 games this season, Stoudemire is averaging 12 points in 24 minutes per game to cap off a New York career that never lived up to expectations.

Stoudemire’s numbers, and health, declined in every year with the Knicks. Rock bottom probably came in the 2012-13 season when Stoudemire played in just 29 games while averaging 14 points.

A number of contenders figure to be interested in Stoudemire as a big man off the bench. Although he isn’t what he used to be, he’s still capable of helping a team.

Here’s one rumor looking at options:

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