All Weather Fan Podcast: Where Kerr went wrong, LeBron and MJ, NBA Finals

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After an historic Game 7 that saw what was deemed the impossible happen in the Cleveland Cavaliers coming back from a 3-1 deficit (teams had previously been 0-32), the narratives are shifting for both the Golden State Warriors and LeBron James.

Will takes an analytical take on the NBA Finals in talking about:

  • Where Warriors head coach Steve Kerr went wrong once Andrew Bogut went down
    • How the loss of Bogut not only affected the obvious in rim protection, but also in subtle other ways that hampered Stephen Curry and the entire offense as well
  • Why Tyronn Lue deserves credit for not listening to the noise and sticking to his guns
  • How the Cavaliers turned the tide in the series
  • Why the Warriors shot just 38 percent from the field (35 percent from 3) the last three games
  • And more

Then Will breaks down the inevitable discussion on what this does for LeBron Jame’s legacy and:

  • Offers multitudes of surprising stats and context that has seldom been discussed when comparing Michael Jordan and LeBron James
    • Breaks down the rosters, conferences, their games, why college might have actually been an advantage for Jordan, how LeBron is ahead of MJ’s pace in a lot of respects and more

Finally, where this leaves the Warriors in hindsight

  • Why they will be remembered for a 60 percent winning mark and giving up the only 3-1 lead in NBA Finals history rather than their historic 73 win season
  • Adjustments they need to make moving forward

And all things NBA Finals.

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All Weather Fan Podcast: Where Kerr went wrong, LeBron and MJ, NBA Finals

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