Josh McCown Happy to Avoid QB Duel with Johnny Manziel

The Cleveland Browns brought in free agent quarterback Josh McCown this offseason with the expectation he would begin the 2015 as the team’s starter behind center. Browns head coach Mike Pettine ensured his team would not trudge through the same drama they did last offseason by declaring McCown the starter and saying there will be no training camp QB duel.

That fact alone has McCown quite happy.

“More than anything, for me, I just believe it takes away from any kind of distraction that you can have and the team can just move in one direction, regardless of who that guy is,” McCown told Cleveland.com. “It’s helpful to just say, ‘this is our guy until something happens and he’s not our guy.’

“But I agree with that philosophy and that approach. It doesn’t take anything away from our group and it doesn’t take away from what Johnny (Manziel) and Thad (Lewis) and Connor (Shaw) are doing. We’re all working together.”

However, that does not mean he is unwilling to teach Manziel and the other quarterbacks on the roster.

“When you’re part of a team, you serve and help the guys around you and that starts inside your position group,” McCown said. “At this stage of my career they’re all the younger quarterbacks on the roster, so you just give them what you can to help them.

“I’ve said it from day one: I want to see the Cleveland Browns and quarterback position be better than it’s been. I want to do my part to help that happen on the field, but then if something happens and I’m not playing, then whoever is playing that those guys play productive too, so we’re in it together.”

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