Jordan ‘Pretty Sure’ he could Beat Hornets 1-on-1

August 26 Michael Jordan watching Roger Federer during his first round match at the US Open, Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, Flushing Meadow, NY.

Confidence was never an issue for Michael Jordan. At 52 years old, that hasn’t changed.

When asked by L’Equipe (France) if he could beat anyone on his team 1-on-1 in basketball, Jordan of course said he could.

Here’s the dialogue:

L’Equipe: Do you think you can play against some of your guys right now? Do you sometimes do that or not? Could you win on one-on-ones against them?

Jordan: I’m pretty sure I can, so I don’t want to do that and demolish their confidence. So I stay away from them, I let them think they’re good…but I’m too old to do that anyway.

Confidence aside, if a 52 year old can beat current NBA players, that might be a reason why said NBA team didn’t make the playoffs, even in the struggling Eastern Conference. Oh, and Jordan has a hand in picking those players.

So who does he think he could beat? He doesn’t get specific. Taking a look at the current roster for the Hornets, not many names will jump out at you. But still, he’s 52, and they’re in the NBA. It ain’t happening.

But for fun, who would you pick Jordan to beat on the Hornets?

Check out the full video interview below:

L’interview de Michael Jordan par L’Equipe by BasketInfos

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