John Calipari Ending Platoon System

While Kentucky basketball is famous for being the host to a plethora of one and done players, it appears John Calipari’s platoon system is the latest one and done possibility.

Calipari led the Wildcats to a 38-0 record before losing 71-64 to Wisconsin in the Final Four. Despite the success, Calipari wrote on his website that his system of rotating players will likely go away.

“If you ask me if I’m ever going to platoon again, my answer is NO. Last season was an absolute outlier. It’s just not the way I like to coach. I would rather play seven or eight guys because I believe that gives us the best chance to win. I think we wrote the book on platooning this year, but I hope we stick it on the shelf and never have to use it again.”

Before writing the preceding passage, Calipari remarked that he was happy his team was able to execute the platoon successfully last season and he is looking forward to a future with less of it.

“I’m also excited about who we have coming back and who we have joining us next season. I think how you will see us playing going forward will be closer to how we have always played. That won’t be platooning.”

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