Joey Votto brings donkey he promised Zack Cozart

TORONTO, ON - MAY 30: Cincinnati Reds Shortstop Zack Cozart (2) celebrates his home run with Cincinnati Reds First base Joey Votto (19) during the regular season MLB game between the Cincinnati Reds and Toronto Blue Jays on May 30, 2017 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, ON.(Photo by Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire)
Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire

Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto promised shortstop Zack Cozart that he would buy him a donkey if he made the All-Star team.

Well, Cozart did just that, and now Votto has been forced to deliver on his promise.

First, he enters the ballpark.

Then, he does a photo shoot.

But hey, Cozart deserves it with that .311/.389/.538 slash line.

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