Job seekers become the subject of Raiders hoax in Las Vegas

HOUSTON, TX - JANUARY 07: An Oakland Raiders helmet awaits the next series during the NFL AFC Wild Card game between the Oakland Raiders and Houston Texans on January 7, 2017, at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire)
Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire

It is safe to say that it was a packed house in “Sin City” on Thursday. With the Oakland Raiders on the verge of executing their relocation to Las Vegas, Nevada, it appears as though many were interested in securing a job with the heralded franchise.

However, and certainly unfortunately, there were no opportunities to be had in the end. With the police ultimately in attendance to control the immense crowd, it turned out that the eager parties had become the subject of a hoax.

“A flyer promoting ‘pre-job recruitment sign-ups’ attracted more than 700 people to a regularly scheduled meeting of the Las Vegas Stadium Authority board,” wrote the Associated Press.

“Tensions flared among some attendees after officials explained there were no jobs as of yet on the $1.9 billion project, which has many steps that must be completed before construction can begin.

“Las Vegas police closed off access to the county building’s parking lots after the size of the crowd ballooned.”

Although the Raiders will be remaining in Oakland for the foreseeable future as a stadium must be built to house the AFC West franchise, at least some people are anxious for the team to make their arrival.

“If folks were brought to the meeting under a false pretense, I think that’s too bad, that obviously shouldn’t happen,” said board chairman Steve Hill.

On the other hand, the Raiders have turned things around on the football field while one can imagine why the Las Vegas natives would be lining up to join the up-and-coming franchise.

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