Jeopardy contestant thinks Hack Wilson hit 191 home runs

Chicago Cubs Hack Wilson smacks out a single, scoring in two runners in the first inning of the third game of the Cubs-Dodgers series at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Aug. 14, 1930. (AP Photo)
(AP Photo)

Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame outfielder Hack Wilson had one of the better single seasons in the history of baseball back in 1930. But on a recent episode of Jeopardy, a contestant thought that Wilson was some kind of super human with the answer he gave:

Wilson finished the year with 191 runs batted in, while clubbing just 56 home runs, both of which led the league. The 191 home runs that Gavin was going for is in fact just 118 more than the all-time record set by Barry Bonds in 2001.

More bizarre than Gavin’s answer? The fact that the following season, Wilson finished with just 13 home runs and 61 RBIs.

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