Jeff Gordon Likely Won’t Race Again After This Season

Jeff Gordon’s full-time career in NASCAR comes to a close following the final race of the season, but many speculated the driver would try to race other cars. However, Gordon says he’s likely done with competitive racing on the biggest stages when his NASCAR run ends.

“I’ve known too many drivers I respect that have retired and come back,” Gordon told NBC Sports. “That’s why I didn’t say this was my final year of ever competing for a single event. But it truly is.

“As I get further into the year, I don’t see myself doing any races. Maybe a Martinsville or a short track. But there’s so much that goes into preparing a car with a team at Hendrick (Motorsports), which is the only car I’d do it with, and that would take away from their performance. So why would I really be doing it?”

Gordon will join FOX Sports as a booth analyst for 2016 Sprint Cup races.

“I’m going to fulfill my desire to be a part of this sport by being in the booth,” Gordon said. “I can do some racing with my kids in other ways. I don’t plan on doing any races. I have no set plans after (the season finale) at Homestead.”

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