Jack Del Rio Compares Patriots’ Punishment to USC

Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio does not like the penalties handed down by the NFL on the New England Patriots and Tom Brady in the wake of the Deflate Gate controversy. He likens it to sanctions the NCAA put on USC, Del Rio’s alma mater, following the investigation of running back Reggie Bush.

“I think there are some similarities in terms of an overreaction, from my standpoint,” Del Rio said at his induction into the USC Athletics Hall of Fame. “I think it was a little bit overdone, but that’s somebody else’s problem right now.”

Del Rio believes the NFL would have been better off warning Brady and other quarterbacks that tampering with football would not be tolerated, instead of handing down such a severe punishment.

He noted that a big part of the league’s soaring popularity is due to prolific passing offenses.

“Everybody understands that quarterbacks all want to get the balls how they like them, and why not?” Del Rio said. “They throw these balls around, and one of the reasons the sport is so popular is the ability of guys like Peyton [Manning] and Brady to throw the ball the way they do.”

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