Indians change Twitter name amid historic streak

Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire

American professional sports franchises don’t make a habit of deviating from their Twitter aliases like common-people users do, but the Cleveland Indians made an exception.

Their verified account no longer contains a word. Instead, one particular letter appears many times. This probably has something to do with that win streak they’re on.

The Tribe set the American League record with their 21st straight win earlier today with a 5-3 conquest over the Detroit Tigers. They also tied the MLB standard for consecutive wins without a tie, now sharing it with the 1935 Chicago Cubs.

Now, the organization’s social media staff will be tasked with changing the Twitter alias after every game. The Tribe will have a new name after their home tilt against the Kansas City Royals on Friday, presumably either adding a 22nd “W” or reverting back to “Cleveland Indians.”

Hopefully the person in charge of putting the extra W on there — should the Indians dispatch the Royals in their Thursday-night home tilt — doesn’t delete the previous 21 letters, because that kind of high-stakes counting could get tricky.

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