Impact Transfers Could Rule ACC in 2015-16

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Transfers are a fickle breed. Sure, they may have been productive at their previous school, but until they actually suit up, you don’t know how they’ll gel in a new system with a new set of players and a different head coach. But rest assured, you will hear all year long from fans how their transfer is going to be a superstar.

“He was in the wrong system” … “He just needs a chance to start”

And how do they know this? Well, they are “the best players in practice,” they’ll tell you as fact when all they have to go on is an internet message board’s “insider” who heard from a trainer who heard from coach X that player Y (the transfer, in case you don’t follow) is turning heads in team scrimmages. But I digress…

Let’s take a look at which Sideline Superstars are going to step in and make the kind of impact expected of them next season. I’ll start with the conference that is getting the most incoming talent: the ACC.

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