Hope Solo suspended six months by US Soccer

William Purnell/Icon Sportswire

The United States soccer program has decided to suspended goaltender of the Women’s National Team, Hope Solo, for the next six months due to “conduct that is counter to the organization’s principles,” which is in reference to her decision to issue a seething critique of Sweden’s National Team following the loss Team USA suffered in the quarterfinals.

Solo was the goalie on the Women’s National Team that was heavily favored to claim a Gold Medal during the 2016 Summer Olympics Games that were held in Rio earlier this month. Following the team’s shocking upset in the quarterfinals against upstart Sweden, Solo made comments after the game that included calling the team that just knocked them off, a “bunch of cowards,” despite not doing much to back that claim up.

The justification for those comments? Solo claimed the Swedish team played on the defensive and did their best to keep the ball away from the relentlessly attacking American opposition, which is virtually exactly what needs to be done in order to pull of as epic of an upset as the Swedes did.

Solo has been suspended by US Soccer before: in January 2015, she received a 30-day suspension following a multitude of events, which included being pulled over by police while her husband was suspected of driving under the influence, and a separate fight that occurred, despite having domestic violence charges dropped against her that very same month.

The American women would not receive a Medal at the 2016 Games for the first time in the club’s history.

Hope Solo suspended six months by US Soccer

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