Holder twins square off in SDSU-Stanford clash

(AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

Stanford vs. San Diego State is just a non-conference football game to most, but for Mikah and Alijah Holder, it’ll be surreal.

Mikah, a receiver for the Aztecs, will likely be matched up with Cardinal cornerback and identical twin, Alijah, when the two face off on Saturday.

That’ll also put the twins’ mother, Angela, in a tough spot.

“I think I’m going to have to self-medicate in the parking lot before the game,” Angela Holder told San Diego Union-Tribune. “This one is going to be hard on my husband and me.”

Angela is making the most out of the once-in-a-lifetime matchup, customizing “Twice as Nice” T-shirts for the big game.

“I feel like my husband (Will) thinks I’m going overboard, but this is super special. When is it going to happen again?” Angela said. “They’re playing in the same stadium in our backyard. It’s a great opportunity to support both boys, and we’ve gotten so much love from the community. We’re really appreciative.”

Alijah chose Stanford in 2014, while Mikah opted to stay closer to home in his commitment to San Diego State. For two brothers who have rarely not been on the same team, Saturday adds another storyline between the two Holder twins.

“That first snap is going to be surreal,” Mikah said of facing Alijah. “It will be something to take in. But it’s got to get serious quickly, and I’ve got to look at it as any other game after that.”

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