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Heyman | Red Sox expected to target Eric Hosmer this winter

There is an expectation Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer could be a target for the Boston Red Sox, who are expected to look to upgrade their offense after it diminished in the year after Big Papi.

Hosmer would seem to be a very good fit for the Red Sox, who are losing Mitch Moreland to free agency. Hosmer might work nicely at Fenway Park, where his production could be expected to improve after spending his whole career at pitching-friendly Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.

Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski might have an extra appreciation for Hosmer, too, after watching him up close in the AL Central for several years, before Dombrowski moved from the Tigers to the Red Sox.

Hosmer, who just turned 28, put forth a career-year in his walk season, posting full-season career-highs in all three batting slash categories with a .318/.385/.498 line to go with 25 home runs (tying a career-best he set the season prior) and 94 runs batted in. The durable first baseman (he’s missed just eight games total over the last three seasons and played all 162 in 2017) is a one-time All-Star and three-time Gold Glove winner, taking home three straight from 2013-15, before losing out to, ironically enough, Moreland last season (when he was a member of the Rangers).

While Moreland played about as well as anyone could have hoped in his likely lone season in Boston, hitting .246 with a .769 OPS, Hosmer would almost certainly represent an offensive upgrade for a team that struggled to plate runs at times last season.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. gene phillips

    Nov 2, 2017 at 10:16 pm

    It would be so lame to spend the dollars needed to bring Hosmer to Boston. And why? In a career year, he hit 35 HRs this year. Moreland hit 22 and played half the year on a bad leg. Also tots a gold glove. Seriously, the 900lb gorilla in the room is that Hanley is not the threat in the middle of the lineup tha5 Poppi was. Not powerwise. And not averagewise. Hang onto Moreland, or give Travis a shot. They put Brentz on the 40man roster, to prevent him checking out in free agency, so why not let him be the 4th outfielder, and DH. See… no money spent yet. And if they need to spend $$$, then go all in for the Japanese Babe Ruth (Otani) and resign Fister with what’s left. He will continue to get better, and he’s certainly earned the opportunity. Simple truth is, the Sox are not just a position player or pitcher away from going all the way. They need to give the young players a chance to play and to build a good clubhouse atmosphere. That means stop the trade rumors every time a kid slides (think JBJ here – you don’t think the constant rumors don’t effect him… or any Bogarts… any of them. Let them play, and see what happens. And wait to the off season to find ‘answers.’

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