Harbaugh and Michigan Football Lend Helping Hand

College Football Today

Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh is leading a turnaround and buoying spirits in Ann Arbor yet he hasn’t been on the sidelines for a single snap.

Just imagine what a win against Urban Meyer and the national champion Ohio State Buckeyes will do.

Harbaugh and football operations director Jim Minick provided first aid to two women involved in a car accident on the interstate and gave them their coats in order to stay warm before the paramedics arrived. The women were traveling on Interstate-94 when their car flipped multiple times and came to a stop in a snowbank. The 53-year old driver and 73-year old passenger were transported to a local hospital by ambulance after Harbaugh and Minick assisted them on the scene. Both women were treated for “non-life threatening” injuries.

Harbaugh was on his way to the airport and not to watch his favorite television show, Judge Judy according to reports.

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