Giants exec Sabean says you cannot gut team despite ineptitude

29 September 2007: Brian Sabean, general manager of the San Francisco Giants, before game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles,CA.
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San Francisco Giants president of baseball operations Brian Sabean is not going to gut the team in spite of its massive struggles this season, according to Andrew Baggarly of The Mercury News.

The Giants are currently 34-56 and own the second-worst record in the National League.

“To watch us literally hope to win one game in a series … I mean, I can’t remember a season, and I’ve been here since ’93, whether it’s home or road, that we’ve been swept so many times,” said Sabean about his Giants team that was swept by the Miami Marlins in the last series before the All-Star break. “That to me is a sign of our total ineptitude.”

Still, Sabean is not going to blow up the team for a full rebuild.

“(But) we can’t gut this team and say, ‘Hey, we’ll see you in three years.’ Or, ‘We’re going to flatline to get the draft picks,'” he said. “Make no mistake, the ownership has been very patient and understanding. (CEO Larry Baer) has been great through this whole thing and really has helped our mindset and helped us to keep our sanity.”

Sabean did say, however, that San Francisco is “open for business.”

“But we know the task at hand. We’ve got to get this turned around to the point where when we start next year’s season, we’ve got the expectation to get back to the playoffs,” he said. “I think needless to say, we’re open for business. I think we have to be. … I think we’ll be a lot more open minded to more names than we have been in the past.”

Do those names include Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey and Brandon Crawford?

Most certainly not.

“That’s a logical deduction,” said Sabean. “You’ve got a franchise pitcher, a franchise catcher and one of the best shortstops no matter what he’s going through this year. Those three animals are divine.”

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